Consumer Banking and Credit

Consumers face increasingly complex financial conditions. The profit motive of publicly-held banks and other financial institutions can lead to business practices that harm consumers and the broader economy.

“Fintech” companies frequently function as banks or lenders but without the necessary license(s) or compliance with the law.

If you believe a financial institution, lender, or “fintech” company has violated your rights, let us know:

Consumer Financial/Banking Resources:
Cal. Financial Code s 264
Cal. Financial Code s 864(b)
(Bank may not set off account such that balance is less than $1,000)

Identity Theft

Consumer Sentinel Databook

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Credit Card Resources:
Overview of the CARD Act
The Credit CARD Act protects consumers in the following ways:

Ban on Retroactive Rate Increases.
The Act prohibits retroactive interest rate increases and eliminates “universal default,” a practice where a credit card issuer raises interest rates due to lateness or default with other creditors (despite the cardholder being in good standing with the credit card issuer in question).